TEMPO is an exciting, vibrant, fresh quarterly magazine that pushes creativity and innovation in both layout and content. The magazine responds to growing interest for a medium that helps inspire creativity, build bridges and spread goodness. Tempo integrates mobile tagging, and interactive multi-media elements. www.feelyourtempo.com

TAMAKKAN is a non-profit entrepreneurship and innovation organization founded by Sana Bagersh the CEO of BrandMoxie, Abu Dhabi. Tamakkan offers free seminars to emerging entrepreneurs or those interested in business, marketing and entrepreneurship. The organization is aimed at helping entrepreneurs improve, enhance and develop their businesses on a solid business footing and with the advantage of well established marketing and business principles. The intention is that the ‘support environment’ will foster the learning of best practice, innovation and better performance. Much of the support would come from peers who share knowledge and experiences, but most will come from mentorship and guidance by qualified individuals who work for themselves or are employed with established companies. Visit: www.tamakkan.com

THE SMOVIES is a short film creation platform that has been launched by BrandMoxie, a leading media group in the UAE involved in marketing, publishing and events. The Smovies provides an opportunity for emerging filmmakers, by offering recognition and exposure through the platform. The Smovies also embraces new technologies, and promotes the film making capabilities of phones, tablets and other everyday communication terminals. Visit: www.thesmovies.com

DEVCODE WORLD is a full stack 13 week web development bootcamp, designed in Silicon Valley and developed in Seattle. Devcode World is the first and only developers bootcamp in UAE. Our expert trainers are one of the best with years of professional experience. Visit: www.brandmoxie.com/devcode